• OMG re: Magic-Grip® Hairpins

     OMG, these are great! I don't know how I have lived this long without this product. It holds perfectly and when used correctly will last a long, long time. I'm thrilled with these hairpins. Usually hairpins of any kind will fall out of my hair within a few hours and it's a whole day of tucking and retucking them back into the hairdo. Not with these. Just put them in and that's all. I even slept with my hair in a bun and it was still perfect will all the pins in place when I woke up. GREAT PRODUCT!

  • Grip-Tuth® Combs are preferred choice

    I use your combs to make beautiful bead-wrapped embellished hair combs. These are some of my best-selling pieces. I like your grip-tuth combs best because they ARE the best, and my customers are always happy with them.

  • Amazing Quality!!

    Great quality -- After I wore this once,  I can't go back to any other. Also makes me feel good wearing a domestic product and fantastic quality one. It really stays on my hair, amazing...

  • Speedy Shipment to Australia!


    Hi thank you so much for your speedy shipment as all has arrived here in Australia - thanks again - I just thought I would let you know that I am delighted, cheers JULIE
  • Grip-Tuth® Stays, Never Hurts

    I wore my Grip-Tuth® combs while I was racing sailboats yesterday, approximately 4 hrs, and they never moved! I fell asleep for 2 hrs (not driving!) and they stayed in place and never hurt. A million thanks to you and the people that work for you in Leominster MASS!-- Angela

  • Grip-Tuth® Like Gold!

     Subject: Praise! What a wonderful duo - a product that works on my fine hair and made in the USA. Your product is worth its weight in gold! Thank you to you as a company and to your employees who take pride in their workmanship. It is such a joyous occasion to go into a store and actually find something made in our country. Sincerely, Judy 

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