• Grip-Tuth® Combs are preferred choice

    I use your combs to make beautiful bead-wrapped embellished hair combs. These are some of my best-selling pieces. I like your grip-tuth combs best because they ARE the best, and my customers are always happy with them.
  • Grip-Tuth® Features Explained In Spanish

    The Original Grip-Tuth - Spanish Translation El Grip Original Tuth ® * El cabello no se salga! Tocar los dientes para el pelo mejor retención-Grip® Tuth Sostiene el mejor! * Buena Hair Days ® * Creemos materia de calidad! Good Hair Días ®-Grip ® Tuth hairtainer * sidecombs diseñado parasostener el pelo de forma segura y cómoda * la sidecombs sólo con tocarlos dientes que toman suavemente y con seguridad tienen todo tipo de cabello - especialmente finas y difíciles de manejar el pelo. Su pelo se queda encerrado en el, por encima de los dientes de tocar y no puede deslizarse plast ellos. El sidecomb permanece fija, su peinado dura todo eldía. -Grip ® Tuth sidecombs vienen en una variedad de tamaños - es seguro que se ajuste a sus necesidades individuales.
  • Amazing Quality!!

    Great quality After wore this once I can't go back to any other. Also making me feel good wearing domestic product and fantastic quality one. It really stays on my hair, amazing...

  • Go Grip-Tuth®!!

    :-) Big SMILE Haircombs!!!, I 1st bought these at a So Bend, IN drug store that went out of business. It was my lucky day! I've tried every other make of comb out there and they should not even be called haircombs...a waste of money. BUT THESE! YAY! Thanks to Made in USA for making these available, from all of us that depend on haircombs for our hairstyles! Go GRIPTUTH®!!! STAY IN BIZ!!!

  • Speedy Shipment to Australia!

    Hi thank you so much for your speedy shipment as all has arrived here in Australia - thanks again - I just thought I would let you know that I am delighted, cheers JULIE

  • Grip-Tuth® Stays, Never Hurts

    I wore my Grip-Tuth® combs while I was racing sailboats yesterday, approximately 4 hrs, and they never moved! I fell asleep for 2 hrs (not driving!) and they stayed in place and never hurt. A million thanks to you and the people that work for you in Leominster MASS!-- Angela

  • Grip-Tuth® Like Gold!

     Subject: Praise! What a wonderful duo - a product that works on my fine hair and made in the USA. Your product is worth its weight in gold! Thank you to you as a company and to your employees who take pride in their workmanship. It is such a joyous occasion to go into a store and actually find something made in our country. Sincerely, Judy 

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